Nabil ibn Shahdal “Nibbles” R.I.P.


4/11/2006 - 8/5/2012

VERY sad news for Equus Dreams.  Our baby, our sweet Nibbles, is gone at the age of 6.  He was euthanized following a hoof abscess after only 5 weeks in his new home in Massachusetts.  Our family is inconsolable over his loss.  

Nabil was a clown; a 16 hand, larger than life ‘pocket pony’.  He stole our hats and our hearts, and we will never be the same without him in our lives.  Rest in peace my sweet, beautiful, funny, sassy Nibbles.  Nabil, son of Shahdal [Imperial Imdahl].   

Nabil grew to an honest 16 hands and inherited his Daddy’s puckish personality and his favorite game of ‘hold my tongue’.   He followed us everywhere, and grew to be a great trail mount and Western Pleasure or Endurance prospect.