Bandit is representative of what we are all about at Yellow Mountain Ranch Horse Sanctuary.  He was saved from death twice, and the gamble we took on him being a gentle, loving spirit have paid off.  He will never again have his life judged by whether or not he is able to work for humans.  This boy ‘works’ for us by filling our hearts with joy by being a happy, healthy member of our herd.

Bandit is a magnificent little bay Arabian gelding that was saved from starvation in July 2010.  He is an absolute gentleman, and very loyal to his herd mates.  He has limited riding experience and, due to rough handling in his former life, will not accept a bit, but rides in a hackamore or bosal.  At just under 14 hands, he is a diminutive little guy, but his  heart is huge. Bandit’s birth year is estimated at 1985.  Bandit is retired now as the most beautiful and sweet pasture ornament anyone could wish for.