Some Reassurance

Today I discovered blood dripping onto her back legs from the melanoma on her teats.  The 'cap' of the melanoma looked as if it had been ripped off, leaving a surface the diameter of a silver dollar open and raw.   I cleaned the area with Betadyne and left it to heal for a day, then cleaned it again and sprayed with Furasol to help prevent infection.  My vet will be examining her next Friday.

I am still treating Katie with Nublada/Cimetidine (20 days on/ 5 days off), but really haven't noticed any further shrinkage.  However, the size of the existing melanomas has stabilized, and their are no new growths.

The veterinarian assured me that melanomas are rarely fatal in themselves; only if their growth inhibits a vital organ or bodily function.  So, I continue the Nublada/Cimetidine ritual just to be sure.