Resuming Nublada’s Cure

I had discontinued the Nublada/Cimetidine treatment for Katie in November 2006, since my veterinarian agreed it would be okay if the shrinkage stabilized.  She recommended I start treatment again should any new growth appear.


Over the last few months I had noticed a change in Katie's attitude and, since she had recently been moved from a boarding stable to our farm, I assumed it had been due to the transition.  I also began to notice a change in her gait; what appeared to be a weakness in her rear-end and back legs.  I had two veterinarians examine her, and they determined there was nothing physically wrong with her.  I didn't take that opinion as final, and my own examination revealed that a melanoma on her teats, previously the size of a pea, had grown to two inches in length.  Palpation of the area around the melanoma revealed an internal mass, as well.

I began the Nublada/Cimetidine treatment once again.