Grey Horse Melanomas

Resume Cimetidine Treatment

I have noticed some growth in the melanoma on the dock of Katie's tail, so I have resumed the Cimetidine treatment (800mg 2x/day).  I have also started her on a high dosage of grape seed extract, replacing the Vitamin E/C/Grape Seed Extract mix I have been using.  I noticed small, soft lumps under the skin on Katie's left side, at the back of her ribs, near her flank.  I am hoping these are just insect bites, but I am watching them carefully. My biggest fear at this point is widespread metastatic melanoma, and every mis-step she takes evokes the dread that there is some insidious internal disease threatening to take her from me.

My job is to keep Katie calm, happy and healthy.  I do whatever I can to keep her immune system strong.