Grey Horse Melanomas

eMail From Elizabeth S

On September 30, 2008, Elizabeth S. wrote:

I have just read your journal about Katie and hope that you are having continued success with the treatments. I have a 14-year-old thoroughbred gray – Sydney - who also has melanoma. He has very large (between gum ball and golf ball-sized) tumours under his tail and around the anus. He has been on Cimetidine for 3-4 months now and I am not really sure if it is helping. The tumours may be somewhat debulked and it doesn’t appear that there are too many new ones although it’s difficult to tell because the ones he has are numerous, large and black. In addition to the meds, I wipe on ostrich oil to lubricate them because they now tend to ulcerate and bleed and I think the oil helps make Sydney more comfortable. Actually, I think that Vitamin E cream or Vaseline do the same job.

I am very interested to see the amount of Cimetidine you use. We have been giving Syd 10 ml. of a 200mg. suspension 2x a day. Also, I wonder if you have been able to isolate the effects of the Cimetidine vs the herbal treatment? There doesn’t appear to be a lot of options for this condition.

I will continue to read your site with interest. Best of luck.


Hello Elizabeth.

I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling with this insidious disease. It has been a real emotional roller coaster for me these last couple of years.

Unfortunately, I cannot say that I am able to isolate the effectiveness of Cimetidine from Nublada's Cure. I am currently about 3 weeks into Cimetidine only treatment, and intend to continue for 2 more months to see if I can see a significant difference. Already, after 3 weeks, the mass has reduced in size by about 1/3rd. However, it is hard to say whether the 'baggy' mammary gland was a tumor, or merely a build up of fluid. The main tumor is approximately an inch long and an inch and a half wide, located on the mammary gland. That, I am sure, has shrunk.

I find the best weapon against these melanomas seems to be keeping Katie's immune system strong. To that end, I am a firm believer in the power of probiotics. I have used FastTrack, and now use EquiShine, by my Equine Nutritionist's recommendation. Both are very effective.

As far as the dosages, I am feeding 800mg am and pm. I get my Cimetidine from SmartPak, who now sells the drug as a flavored powder. This makes it far easier to administer.

My bottom line recommendations are - increase your Cimetidine dosage, and evaluate its result after 3 months. If no change, I would definitely add Nublada's Cure. I would not discontinue Cimetidine until at least 6 months, since experts say to allow at least that to determine whether it is working. In any case, I would add a probiotic and an antioxidant like grape seed extract. I would also ensure that your boy Sydney is leading a stress-free and healthy existence. Additionally, Cimetidine has been shown to cause liver damage in humans with extended use. To help counter that side effect, I have used an herbal 'liver cleanse' supplement after administering it for a few months.

Best of luck to you and Sydney. If you have any more questions, or would just like to discuss, please feel free to call me.

Sue Crane


Hi Sue – thanks so much for your quick response and the very helpful suggestions. It’s good to communicate with someone who understands the emotional side. The vet will be taking a look at Syd next week and we’ll discuss next steps. I am happy to report that Syd leads a pretty stress-free existence and seems happy and, otherwise, healthy. I just hope to prolong that. In any case, I appreciate your taking the time to get back to me and I’m going to keep your number on hand!


Sudden Growth

Katie's mammary melanoma has grown again - seemingly overnight.  The entire right udder was swollen to the size of a stallion's testacles.  The large nodule that had previously ruptured is enlarged and weeping black fluid.

I have started her on a 2x/day regimen of 800mg Cimetidine, which is now available through SmartPak in flavored powders.  I am going to try this for 3 months to see if I see any improvement.  If not, I will add the Nublada's Cure once again.  I am trying the drug separately this time, in order to distinguish which product is achieving results.

After having her on Cimetidine for over a week, the swelling appears to have gone down by about 30%, but this may be due to the fact that the fluid causing the swelling is seeping from the nodular melanoma.

Katie is very tender on her abdomen and flank, and squeals when I touch her there.  In order to touch the melanoma itself, I run my hand slowly down her shoulder to her girth area, and scratch her there, which she loves.  From there I work my way VERY slowly to her teats.  I have been cleaning the area with a Betadyne dilution every coupledays to avoid infection.