Grey Horse Melanomas

eMail From Nancy S

On July 29, 2008, Nancy S. wrote:

I have been reading your site about your horse Katies melanomas.Thanks for writing it. My grey arabian Khaamila is in the same boat. Her tumors are quite large on the underside of her tail. Two vets say that excision would cause them to mets.Also they are multifocal. We have been giving the Cimentidine for roughly 5-6 weeks. The vet said it would take 5 weeks to reduce the size of the tumors.I don t see much improvement and they ulcerate, bleed and are painful.I have tried fuazome spray, wonder dust ,peroxide ,betadine and irrigating them with cold water in the heat as well. She also has tumors in the anal area that I fear will go internal on her. If you have any other suggestions I d love to hear from you. My mare is 19 and got me through my cancer. I will get her through hers.