Grey Horse Melanomas

Frankincense Oil

I have been dabbing frankincense oil under Katie’s tail once or twice a day for the last week.  Katie is very protective of her behind, so getting her to lift her tail enough for me to treat it is very difficult.   I have read that Frankincense can potentially help shrink these tumors.  At the very least, the oil provides some level of comfort for Katie.  She has been scratching her tail a lot, presumably due to the itch caused by these tumors.

There is an ‘ashen’ area on her anus that concerns me, and there are a multitude of tiny, pea-sized lumps clustered at the very base of her tail.  The large melanoma that burst several years ago is still palpable under the skin.  It feels hard, but seems to be stable. 

My schedule over the next few weeks is hectic, but sometime in July I hope to bring Katie to UGA, possibly to have the large lump removed.