Grey Horse Melanomas


I had the vet out last week on a hunch to give Katie a lameness check.  She has never limped, but has been showing a stiff-legged gait for a few years now.

Once the swelling in her mammary gland disappeared, following treatment for Onchocerciasis, I started to think that perhaps I am letting the melanoma lead me astray as to the cause of Katie’s occasional depression and reluctance to move.

There is no swelling, or obvious indication of problems, but the vet concluded that she has early onset and mild arthritis.  He prescribed an injectable form of hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and chondroitin, which is marketed under the name ‘polyglycan’.  After her first injection, there was already a remarkable change in Katie.  She is running up and down the hills, and looks much more attentive and bright.

We will be administering 50ml 2x/week for 4 weeks (at a cot of about $400), then 50ml 1-2x/month thereafter.  The cost is well worth seeing her so happy. 

I believe this to be a cautionary tale to others battling melanomas.  It is possible to have concurrent health issues, so don’t rule out conditions external to the spread of melanomas.