Grey Horse Melanomas


My experience with Cimetidine is that there is a 90 day window at the end of which Katie begins to display sluggishness and discomfort.  Because the shrinkage of the tumors has leveled off, and because I intend to use the herbals indefinitely, I have stopped Cimetidine treatment.  This time, treatment continued for 8-1/2 weeks (since February 23rd).

I continue Nublada’s Cure and my own herbal mixture


I have made an herbal mixture of the following human-grade, organic herbs and have been feeding this to her along with the Nublada’s Cure and Cimetidine.  I will stop the Cimetidine at the end of 90 days, since that has always been the length of time the Cimetidine reached full effectiveness.  I do not like to keep her on Cimetidine long-term because of the side effects on the liver.

Mix equal amounts of the following ingredients, and feed 1T 2x/day with feed.

Milk Thistle Powder - liver detox - do not feed along with steroids or other strong prescription drugs

Burdock Root Powder - detoxifies the bloodstream

Dandelion Root Powder - purifies blood & liver, maximizes the performance of the kidneys, pancreas, spleen and stomach

Fenugreek Seed Powder - improves glucose tolerance, lowers blood glucose levels, lymphatic tonic and stimulates digestion

Astragalus Root Powder - used for immune enhancement