Grey Horse Melanomas

Cansema Tonic

After reading about the apparent success of the Cansema tonic treatment that Marion L has been experiencing, I am going to see if I can order some for Katie.  I had used the Cansema ‘black salve’ on Katie a couple years ago, but it was very caustic, and the discomfort it caused was not worth any advantage it may have had.

Marion’s vet told her that Cimetidine works best on active melanomas, and that appears to have been my experience, as well.  Since I am reluctant to mix too many medications, I will probably have to make a decision to either continue the Cimetidine and herbs for at least 60 days, in order to make a fair assessment of its continued effectiveness, or just quit those entirely and switch to Cansema tonic.

I did a Google search for Cansema tonic, and what came up was ‘Amazon’ Tonic III.  I have emailed Marion to see if this is the product she is using.


I am noticing shrinking of the melanoma on Katie’s right udder.  Not as quickly as I would have liked, but some.  The best news of all is that she appears to be feeling very well.  She is now getting 2000mg of Cimetidine AM & PM,  grape seed extract, burdock root, dandelion root, red clover, MSM, and Astragalus powder daily.

Follow Up On Anna in Australia

Hi Sue

Just writing to give an update on Anna.


 We had not heard anything about the Ecobiotic trial so decided to start the Cansema Tonic III treatment. We started the Cansema tonic on Feb 20th  giving 4mls twice daily for two days and on the third day increasing to 4ml doses three times daily  (7.00am, 4.00pm and 11.00pm) This is twice the recommended human dose. We have some exciting news, the pea sized lump near her tail has gone and the parotid lump has reduced by about ¼ in size.

I have attached photos with dates for you to compare. I was very nervous giving her the tonic and kept a close eye on it as it has some normally toxic plants in it. To be truthful, I didn’t sleep well for the first night thinking she might have a reaction to it and thinking I would have to fess up to my regular vet what I had given her. Everything the supplier said has happened, he said the small lump would probably go and the main lump reduce and that is what has happened. Jim who supplied the tonic rang the Alpha labs to see if it had been used on horses and specifically Melanomas. They also said it will hopefully prevent more appearing. (time will tell) She will continue the course which goes for 40 days so fingers crossed we will get more reduction in size. Anna has had no ill effects and seems to have put on weight and her appetite has improved. She completed a one day event and performed well apart from losing her rider on the cross country phase and going from 1st place to elimination in one swoop. Her performance seems to be the same and she takes the tonic without fuss even though it is very bitter.


 I am going to have some bloods done to check liver and kidney function so will let you know that they are in normal ranges.

I have asked the vet to prescribe Cimetidine but had a similar reaction to Melissa’s (email) saying it is expensive with mixed results and that it seems to work best in active tumours. I haven’t given her any as yet as wanted to try the Cansema first. I haven’t used the Cansema salve as I the mass is so big and has so many nerves and blood vessels around it I was scared of infection. I have been slack about getting her the immune tonic. (the homeopath has been away) but I am getting onto that this weekend. In a way I am glad she has just been on the Cansema as otherwise I would be wondering what she was responding to.


I have attached some photos that I have taken, The second photo is when we started the Cansema treatment.

My naturopath has ordered some frankincense oil for her as well. Have you noticed Katie responding to that Sue ?


Sorry to hear Katie has had a little set back during her endurance ride, I hope she is improving now.


Regards Marion

Nublada’s Cure

I started Katie on Nublada’s Cure again today.  This is an herbal blend in powder form that is fed twice a day for 20 days, then 5 days off.  I believe I will maintain this regimen indefinitely.  I am going to cut back the other herbs because I am concerned about interactions.  Katie seems to like the taste, which is a plus.

The Vet

My vet called me this morning to discuss the prescription refill of Katie’s Cimetidine.  She mentioned that I can spend $1500 on ultrasounds and blood work for Katie, but if the melanomas have metastasized, there is nothing I can do.  She holds little hope that any of the current treatments for melanoma are effective, and is not at all encouraging of my effort to do whatever I can to improve Katie’s quality of life. I have made it clear that I am fully educated about the progression of the disease and the fact that there is no ‘magic bullet’.  I would, however, appreciate having a vet that supports my efforts.

I believe that it is very important, especially when faced with a potentially life threatening disease, to have a vet that understands my love for my horse and supports me in my health care choices.


Due to Katie’s shocking performance on our trail ride yesterday, I am looking at a more aggressive approach to treating the melanoma on her udder.  I worry that it is a mammary tumor, with metastases. 

I have ordered Nublada’s Cure, Cimetidine, and have called my vet to examine her and give me some advice on treatment.  In the meantime, I have looked more closely at immunotherapy, using Regressin-V.  I will present the information to my vet to see what she thinks.