Grey Horse Melanomas


Katie has been on Cimetidine for over a month now.  Within two weeks following the beginning of treatment, all her melanomas began to ooze melanin.  I haven't really noticed any shrinkage, butshe does seem to have more energy. Last weekend, when I rode her, she had tons of energy and we had a great ride together. 

The lump on her anus does not appear to be growing, but the melanoma on the dock of her tail that was originally the size of a pea, is now the size of a dime.  The melanoma on her udder doesn't seem to have grown.  It is, however, oozing, and I take care to keep it clean and disinfected, since infection appears to be the greatest risk once melanomas rupture.

A New (Old) Growth

Today I discovered a lump in the sam e place where the melanoma erupted on her anus a few years ago.  I can't say it is new, since it was only discovered by accident, and is not evident when viewing Katie in a relaxed position.  It is very hard, about the size of a large egg, and with no manifestation on the skin.  I have resumed Cimetidine treatment today.

Off Again

Melanomas have not grown nor shrunk any more in the last two months.  As in the previous Cimetidine regimen, Katie is starting to look less robust and healthy, and is having more trouble keeping weight.  For this reason, I am taking her off the Cimetidine and will continue to monitor any changes.